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The Erdőmentők Foundation is a public benefit foundation with a public interest mission, whose primary task is to protect and restore the forests and wildlife. Our programmes are now organised nationwide with the help of more than 1500 volunteers. In recent years, we have organised many community events involving local people, young and old, and people with disabilities, to learn about and conserve the values of the forest. We organise reforestation and maintenance activities, forest clearance, nature walks with bird feeders, wetland clearance, tree planting, reptile and amphibian rescue activities. With the help of our volunteers, we have cleared more than 100 tonnes of rubbish from our country's forests. Through our environmental education activities, schoolchildren and kindergarten children have learned about birds and what they can do for them in a playful way. We have given hundreds of children and adults the knowledge that can help them to use environmental resources in a sustainable and responsible way in the future.

Fundraising goal

Help us so we can help you! The funding would be used to restore forest habitats and communities, carry out our rescue and recovery work, species conservation and environmental education programmes.

We achieve our goals through a variety of means, including:

  • Forest planting, forest care, forest harvesting and other forestry activities;
  • Carrying out wildlife conservation tasks;
  • Involvement of the general public and particularly vulnerable groups (Down's syndrome, children with cancer, disadvantaged children) in forest management;
  • Maintaining a wildlife patrol service for permanent monitoring;
  • Running a wildlife laboratory to estimate the conditions of the habitat, monitor our activities and, in the event of environmental damage, help us to react quickly with test data to indicate environmental damage;
  • Organising regular educational lectures for different age groups (with a strong emphasis on pre-school children);
  • Conducting scientific research to help improve habitats;
  • Training of volunteer professionals who can coordinate unqualified volunteers in various work processes.
  • Running a Forest Search and Rescue Service.

Other ways to support

To repair Nature's wounds, we need a real partnership, where everyone is counted on, from the youngest to the very old. If you would like to join our team of volunteers, you can apply here. Come and volunteer with us and let's do something for forests together!

And if you want to help beyond volunteering, you can find out more here


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