Pilis-Buda Dog Rescue

Pilis-Buda Dog Rescue

Rescued is my favorite breed

Animal welfare



Our association consists of 10-15 people who take care of, cure, advertise and adopt dogs and cats. The found and captured dogs are placed in safety or we take him to the doctor, we advertise. If we can't find its original owner, we give it to a new owner. These dogs are being adopted healthy, mentally and physically rehabilitated, vaccinated, microchipped, neutered in the case of both females and males, with an adoption contract and a family visit (checking the housing conditions) in the hope of a better life. We have no shelter, no paid staff. We work with temporary owners, with so fantastic families who provide love, care, education and, if necessary, care for the dogs until they move to their permanent families.

Fundraising goal

The biggest step in the direction of responsible animal husbandry can be made by prevention and neutering our owners, which is why we consider it extremely important to prevent further unnecessary breeding of dogs and cats, thus resulting in fewer animals in trouble or without owners, as well as responsibly cared for, vaccinated, chipped dogs and cats we can do the most with responsible and carefully checked adoption. The donations offered here also helps us to reach these goals.

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